In accordance with Article 3 of the Statute, the Piedmont Regional Group of Immunology (GRIP) has the purpose of promoting cooperation and integration between Piedmont immunology research groups and the Italian Society of Immunology Clinical Immunology and Allergology (SIICA), of which it forms an integral part. 

The initial objective of GRIP is to bring together the various research groups of immunologists that operate in the numerous Piedmont institutions. These include the University of Turin, the University of Eastern Piedmont and the Institute for Research and Treatment of Cancer in Candiolo (IRCCS).

One of the main aims of GRIP will be the development of a "new culture of popular science" which can educate the entire population, especially young people, about the science of immunology.

Furthermore, GRIP has resolved to promote and spread the figure of the “immunologist” including related  roles in companies, engineers and industry professionals. To this end, GRIP will  encourage interaction with analogous associations and other scientific organisations, whether Italian or foreign, through the creation of projects, events, conferences, training courses and potentially cultural exchange programs abroad, which will be envisaged and managed by PhD students, PostDoc researchers and professors.

GRIP will share in the activities of the "Scienza Senza Confini Association” which was founded in 2015 by a group of young scientists and which will undoubtedly become a powerfully attractive pole for students and the local population.