Computational biologist position at San Raffaele Institute (Ostuni lab)

Dr. Ostuni's lab is recruiting a computational biologist, at the pre- or post-doctoral level, to study the genomic regulation of tumor-associated macrophages. We have exciting preliminary findings on a novel and potentially actionable target in pancreatic cancer that are just waiting to be translated to humans. The candidate will conduct a large-scale analysis of the transcriptional and chromatin properties of immune infiltrate in human primary and metastatic cancer samples, currently being collected within a collaborative network at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute. For those interested in single-cell genomics (including spatial transcriptomics) and immune oncology, this opportunity is not to be missed! More details about the project, the positions and its requirements can be found in the attached flyer or here:  

Data pubblicazione: 
Tuesday, 18 February, 2020